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What we do

 Ecotrade Consulting is a consulting group addressing Corporate Governance and Management Strategy as a source of sustainable shareholder & society value delivering.




We are among the consulting ones that have pioneered the investigation about the once invisible relationship between the best practices of corporate governance & Sustainability and the company value delivery. And we have also understood how some risk-intensive companies outperform in delivering long-term shareholder value.

By knowing and learning with those corporate environmental practices, we have modelled and frameworked eligible sustainability-governance value-based strategies that could driver sustainable, long-term finance outperformance.

Our Institutional Values

 We emphasize the following values when we work with clients and exercise our relationship with the society:

  • Ethics & ResponsibilityWe fully adopt the United Nations Global Compact’s ten principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption.
  • Creativity and InnovationWe have created a changing-paradigm atmosphere to attract talented people and we stimulate, in a creative and innovative way, their academic and professional development.
  • Confidentiality We make confidentiality and information security as one of ours source of knowledge capital, and assure it extension whatever our business relations reaches.
  • Strategic Partnerships In order to increase and complement our competencies we permanently set out to establish strategic agreements with partners that can enrich our experience and provide thoughtful content and expertise.
  • ExcellencyIn our projects we associate high managerial qualification and scientific strictness, as a way to differentiate our performance levels.
  • LeadershipWe decided to offer a new, advanced knowledge-learning experience that is better suited to fulfill increasing client qualification needs.
  • Global Perspective We promote the collaboration and the dissemination of corporate sustainability governance best practices, at international levels, based upon the belief that sustainable development is a continuous commitment and a borderless task as well.

The Team

Mario Ramos Vilela

Founder and President of Board of Directors. Former President of the COBAL (The Brazilian Federal Company for Food Management).Former Operations Director of the CODEVASF (The Brazilian Federal Company for Irrigation Development). Former President of the RURALMINAS (The Minas Gerais State Company for Irrigation Development). Former Director of the EMBRAPA (Federal Company for Agriculture Research).

Jose Antonio Chaves

Founder and Chief Consulting Officer. Ms in Environmental Management (COPPE-UFRJ) and MS in Capital Markets (CPGA-CNBV). Former COPASA (NYSE-CSMG3) Strategy & Finance Officer. Former Consix Executive Officer. In 25 years as a Finance Consultant has built a US$ 10B portfolio of international operations of sustainable Project Finance and Capital Investment, most on water & wastewater and irrigation infrastructure projects. More than 30 consulting services on water management & regulation.

Laércio Couto

Bioenergy & Environment Chief. PhD in Forestry and Adjunct Professor at the at University of Toronto, CA. President of theBrazilian Network of Biomass for Energy – RENABIO. Winner of the 2010 World Bioenergy Award, in Sweden for his work with dense short rotation clonal eucalypt plantations to produce biomass for energy. Board member at The World Bioenergy Association, Sweden.

Willer Huson Pos

Water Resources Management & Regulation Leader. PhD in Environmental Management from Georgia Tech Institute, USA. Previously, Willer served two terms in the Minas Gerais State Government: firstly as General-Manager of the State Water Authority (IGAM) and after as a President of the State Environmental Agency (FEAM). In private sector, as the Sustainability Executive Director at AngloAmerican Gold and Iron divisions, he has leaded several water-dependent projects implementation in Brazil, Ghana, Colombia and Argentina, including the Brazilian Anglo Ferrous Minas-Rio`s mining and logistic challenging project.


To know more about this contact us contato@ecotrade.adm.br

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